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You May Want Fake Grass if You Loathe Mowing the Backyard

Picture this, you unlock your back door to let your dog out and it's scared to go because the grass is so high.

Maybe it's not that bad but according to my wife it is. I despise Mowing the back yard. The front I have no problem Mowing.

It's easy. Most of the time it's in the shade 😎 and plus the work I put in it looks pretty good too.

Purfect Turf Artificial Grass Columbia SC
Front Yard

Now, my back yard. That's a different story. It is hot, never in shade and grass hardly grows there 😅. Not sure why but it's that way for everyone on our street.

Now don't let the view fool you. The back yard grass was mowed maybe three days prior to this photo.

Weeds galore. Dead spots. Ants and more.

So what's is the fix?

Fake grass.

But not just any fake grass. Pet Fake grass.

This stuff is great. It allows for draining which is great for rain and urine. Speaking of urine the smell isn't there either.

Especially if you use the right infill and foundation below the turf.

With our dogs also having allergies to grass, it helps with vet bills too not having to pay $145 per week for an allergy shot 🙃.

So if you are in the Columbia SC area and you are looking for some fake grass | artificial turf give us a call.

Call Us Here: 803 991 4121

Serving :

Columbia SC

Elgin SC

Lugoff SC

Lexington SC

Chapin SC

Camden SC

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